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Support Families this Holiday Season.

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As you know, this year has been devasting for everyone. This is especially true for many of the families and neighbors we serve. Some of them have lost their homes, jobs, and even loved ones. Over the last nine months, we’ve continued to do what we always do…support families when they need it most. Although the crisis may have changed, our work and its importance remain the same.

Thanks to supporters like you, we continue to provide immediate relief to many of our families through our Community Support Fund.

Join our community of support, give to our Community Support Fund.

Your financial contribution provides essential resources to our year-round programs partnering with individuals, children, parents, and neighbors who need a little help sometimes.

The Edgewood/Brookland Family Support Collaborative partners with individuals to access quality education, identify career pathways, find stable housing, and promote human well-being.

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